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The next 2 minutes will
change your entire life.
Money making is a skill and we have revolutionized the learning
experience so that you can learn that skill as quickly as possible

Our Teaching Philosophy

  • Gamify the business building experience.

  • Student's learn how to make money, BY making money.

  • Get our student's winning as soon as possible.

What Do We Teach?

Choose A Skill

Everyone of the business models we teach are:

  • Completely online

  • Location independent

  • Scalable to a 6-figure income

  • Powered by AI technology

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Copywriting                           Freelancing                     Ecommerce                   Amazone FBA                        Artificial                                                                                                                                                                                                                  intelligence

Multiply Your Income

Once you reach the 6-figure threshold, we begin to teach you investment strategies to multiply your profits.

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      Crypto                                                   Stocks

Scale Your Business

The final step is mentoring you on how to leverage your income and accelerate your business growth.

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Mindset                                    Business & 
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What is The Real World?

The Real World is a global community of like-minded individuals amassing an abundance of wealth.

Every member receives advanced training and ongoing mentoring from a team of multimillionaire industry specialists.

The Real World successfully transformed thousands of lives through our money-focused, unique education system.

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What Do I Get Access to?

Gamifying Business Mastery

Our students level up in business like in a videogame. Unlock new tutorials, build your money-making arsenal, and add more skills to your inventory. Our app is designed to gamify your progress from zero to 10K a month and beyond.

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Multimillionaires in Your Pocket

Our app grants you direct access to multimillionaire mentors. Upon joining, the Professors will lay out your personal battleplan for financial conquest. You'll be mentored each step of the way through daily live sessions and 1-on-1 communication with the Professors.

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Leveling Up TOGETHER!

It's NOT lonely at the top. Our community is made of friendly teammates who interact and push each other to improve every single day. Over 200,000 like-minded individuals joined our winning team, and now celebrate endless achievement.

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Meet The Professors
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We call our instructors "Professors", but their teachings come from experience, not theory.

All of our professors made over $1,000,000+ using the methods they will teach you inside The Real World.

And their mission is to guide, teach and mentor you throughout your business journey every single day.

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Sell profitable products online.

Industry experts will train you to find winning products, create the perfect store, and generate traffic on your sites.

Whether you’re interested in dropshipping or private labeling, we streamlined the whole process from having zero experience to owning a profitable online store.

                         Amazon FBA

Sell products with FBA.

This means you sell products online, but Amazon handles the rest, from warehousing products, fulfilling their orders, shipping them out, etc. All you need to do is get people to click “buy”.

We’ll teach you how to find the most profitable products and dominate your competition.


Master the art of selling with words.

When you read the words on websites, emails, or ads... those words were the work of a copywriter.

We'll teach you how to master the art of copywriting and secure a list of loyal, high-paying clients.


Multiplying your capital through the stock market.

We’ll train you to use technical analysis to find situations where there’s a higher upside than the downside in the markets.

You’ll profit from such opportunities by trading stocks and options.


Make money selling your skills.

You’ll learn how to get paid a premium price to complete simple tasks, like designing logos, translating eBooks, editing videos, managing social accounts, creating websites, etc.

And then we’ll teach you the most effective methods to build a list of loyal clients.


Profiting from the world’s highest-performing assets.

We’ll focus on attacking crypto markets from 3 angles: Long-term, medium-term, and short-term investments.

We will help you identify which style of investing is best suited to your personality, financial status, and investing time horizon.

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                   Real Results

Our program is designed based on our student's success and our team are constantly innovating and improving based on the realities of the present economic environment.

We evaluate our success based on present student success, not our past. We are here to teach the realities of making money

We've built an ever-accessible portal to fully escape. Our application is available on every computer, phone or tablet.
Inside The Real World you will be surrounded by over 200,000 financially ambitious and health focused individuals.
Our community and mentorship program will equip you with all the resources needed to reach financial freedom.
Reality of
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The Real World is based on the reality of results. Our success is only measured by the success of our students.

We are here to show you a proven path to financial freedom and guide you each step of the way.

We take great pride in transforming ambitious students into hardworking, wealthy, and fulfilled winners.

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The Choice Is Yours

The Matrix wants you poor, weak and alone. We have opened up a mass portal to give you the tools to escape modern day slavery.

We've spent years developing our fully independent and modern day educational platform and we continue to innovate and improve everyday.

We want you to become wealthy, strong and well-connected in this world.

We will not fail you.

Do you want to become financially free?

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How quickly will I make my money back?

It depends on how seriously you take The Real World.
But many students made their money back in a couple of weeks.

2. Do I need money once I'm inside TRW?

Not necessarily.
Once inside The Real World, many of our students chose copywriting and freelancing, which are businesses without money requirements, and saw great success!

3. Does my age really not matter?

No, but we encourage anyone under the age of 18 to consult a parent or guardian before signing up for TRW.
Instead of getting the newest videogames just to find them boring in a week, you can join our community, start your business and shock your friends and family by becoming the kid who’s leveling up in real life.

4. I know nothing about the skills you teach. Is it a problem?

Of course not.
This is a mentoring program, and you are here to learn from us. Just follow our step-by-step lessons and guidance, and you will start a profitable business.

5. I don't have a lot of time available, can I still apply?

The methods we teach are designed for rapid execution.
So all you need is a minimum of 30 minutes a day to listen to your professors and apply what you’ve learned.

6.  live in X country. Is it a problem?

Not at all.
At The Real World, we teach how to make money, so it doesn’t matter where you are.Your location will only change the currency of your earnings.

7. Still have questions?

Click the orange circle on the bottom right of your screen.
Ask anything about The Real World to the Live Chat.

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